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About JIC

Set up back in 2002, Jakarta International College is one of 5 official provider of Monash College in the world. Other programs offered include Monash University Foundation Year and Western Michigan University “Pathway to American Degree” program.

Monah College allows student to focus their studies in specific areas related to their future degree. Upon completion,after  8 or 16 months study (depending on current qualification), students are guaranteed a place in Monash University  2nd year and need only complete 2 more years in Monash University to graduate. We now offer three popular courses: Business, IT & Arts (Communication, Journalism & Psychology).

Intakes are available in Feb, July, Oct

MUFY provides a 10 months academic program comparable to Australian Year 12. Upon completion,students could pursue their education in Art and Design; Education; Engineering;Science;Medical or other courses at any Australia university of their choice.

Intakes are available in January, and July

This program  enables student to complete up to 2 years of studies in Jakara International College (JIC) and subsequently transfer all credits to Western Michigan University (WMU), to complete the final two years of the undergraduate program. Since WMU is widely recognized in USA, students can choose to transfer their credits to other USA university of their choice such as University of Southern California, Purdue University, San Jose University etc.

Benefits of Studying in JIC

  • Provide Fast track to university with solid university preparation.
  • Competitive cost compared to direct overseas study while still maintaing the same international education   standard
  • Highly Qualified International Lecturers and Tutors.
  • Helps relieve parental concern over issues associated with studying abroad such as home sick, culture shock and different education system
  • Provides variable and integrated services for students including assistance on VISA application and accomodation both in Jakarta and offshore.

For more info or if you would like us to send you brochure, please contact us at (021) 3983 4061 or email:

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